Name: 施笑朔  (shi Xiao Shuo)
English Name: Cookie
Birthday:     10/7/1989 
Height:     163
Weight:     40.5 
Occupation:     Student & Model
Hobby:     Sleep, Photo Shooting, Cook, Travel ....
Specialty: Fashion Design, Modelling, Karaoke, Cook
Personality: Happy, Kind, Self-confidence, Aspirant...
Motto: If I think I can, I can!
Idol: Jolin Tsai, Vivian...
: Ice Cream, Steamboat, Spicy, Vegetable
Hate: Oily Food
Introduction:     I just have FB and Wretch.
Mina Magazine
Scawaii Magazine
Mina Mailing Catalogue
1626 Magazine
Top Mall series
Tokyo Girl Collection Show
Urban Eighty

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Nikki Yan

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