Albee Huang小薰 (Xiao Xun)

Xiao Xun (Chinese: 小薰;  Spelling: Xiao Xun) is a singer and actress. She is in the Taiwanese girl band Hey Girl. Her specialties are playing piano, singing, and acting. Her interests are playing piano, singing, and reading novels. Her wish is to spend a carefree life with the person she loves.

Xiao Xun is in a group originally known as Hei Se Hui Mei Mei which underwent a name change to Hey Girl. Hey Girl consisted of seven other girls, and they are known to work with another popular Taiwanese boyband, Lollipop (Taiwanese group), which consists of six boys. Xiao Xun had also work with Ah Ben from Choc7 in 18 Jin Bu Jin.

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  1. So Pretty =]=]

  2. she is very pretty, for me, she's one of the prettiest taiwanese actress


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