Pauline Koo

 Pauline Koo
vital statistic:32:24:35
dress/shirt size:s
Shoe size: 7/8
skin colour: tanned
eye colour: black
hair length: long
hair colour : dark brown
shoot nudes: no
genres: fashion,glamour,runway, Commercial
compensation: depends on assignment
job type: Movie,Amabssador , photoshoot, print ads, catalog, billboard shooting ,fashion show,commercial tvc
Language Spoken: English,Chinese,cantonese,malay
Nationality: malaysian
miss malaysia south east asia (first runner up),
miss malaysia south east asia (sub tiltle photogenic),
miss malaysia south east asia (sub title best hair),
super GT queen malaysia 2012 (sub title most photogenic),
Miss Malaysia Tourism 2012 (sub title miss friendship),
2011 shiseido make me beautiful (subsidiary title best lips)

Spicybook’s Note: I am the type of cheerful and noisy girl. I like to talk, i can't even stop talking 5 minutes. And I love food too much but i'm scared of fat. I believe many girls out there also have this same problem. I wanna explore and experience interesting things in my life because life is short, like a candle. I hope i can enjoy every minute of it.

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