Charattha Imraporn (Jam)

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Jam Charattha Imraporn
Real Name: Charattha Imraporn
Nickname: Jam
Profession: Singer Neko Jump/Dancing
Date of birth: December 10, 1989
Birthplace: Chiangmai, Thailand
Weight: 44kg
Height: 160cm
Siblings: Twin sister Noey Warattha Imraporn & younger sister Piglet

Spicy’s Note: Neko Jump is a Thai pop duo, composed of twin sisters Warattha and Charattha Imraporn (born 10 December 1989)

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Nikki Yan

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  1. Well the last picture was before the surgery done to her eye lids, im not sure why, she looks like a beautiful asian girl, I guess thats not good enough. Im not sure why but almost every girl ive seen on here has had plastic surgery done to her face, mostly eyes and chin but cheek bones as well.


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