Juliet is a famous net girl for her devil angel face. She is pure and sexy, which is totally different things but she success to mix them together. She has many different title such as First pretty of game, first pretty of internet, Most popular net model, First place car model and etc...She ever work with famous artists like Maggie Cheung, Lim Chi Ling, Zhou Xun & etc...

Name:林柯彤(Lin Ke Tong)
Nickname: 小龙女彤彤        
English Name: Juliet
Weight: 48KG    
Blood Type:A
Personality: Romantic, Cute, Active, Understanding, Loyal, Perfectionist, Multi-personalities:)   
Occupation:Model, Actress
Job: Casio, Audi Q7, Mazda, Sony Camera, Japan Hello Kitty, Korea Shezlive, BMW, Maybelline, lenovomobile, Lincoln Car and many others

If you like her, you can view here!

Her Moko: http://www.moko.cc/linketong/

Her Weibo: http://t.sina.com.cn/linketong

Her QQ: http://622007084.qzone.qq.com/

Her Blog: http://blog.sina.com.cn/linketong

Her Video: http://you.video.sina.com.cn/linketong

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Nikki Yan

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