Nozomi Sasaki 佐々木希

Nozomi Sasaki 佐々木希
Birthday: 1988.2.8
Hometown: Kurashiki City, Okayama pref.
Blood type: AB

Nozomin / Nonchan / Nontan

Butterfly Knife / Icepick
Black Maiden / Maiden in Black
No Mercy

Nozomi Sasaki 佐々木希 ささき のぞみ is a pretty 23 years old 
Japanese fashion model and gravure idol from Akita prefecture. 
Nozomi-chan started as a teen model when she won two modeling competitions 
Young Jump’s GYARUKON Grand Prix 2005 and Princess Pinky Grand Prix 2006. 
She has been featured many times as fashion model for Pinky magazine 
though she has also been featured Young Jump, Up To Boy, 
Weekly Playboy, Sabra, Bidan and some fashion catalogs .

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  1. Gadis jepang memang cantik-cantik ya hehe :D kayak artis satu ini, seksi pula.
    Wah kalau nozomi sasaki juga termasuk artis jepang yang cantik dan seski sih :)


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