Jessica Cambensy - Most beautiful Mix Blood Model

 Name :      Jessica Cambensy
Ethnicity :     Chinese/Filipino/American
Home Town :     Chicago, Illinois
Birthday :     Monday, 18 April 1988
Height :     170cm
Job :     Model
Nickname :   
Relationship Status :     Relationship

Jessica is in popular demand over in Japan and of course few models would pass up working in such a huge marketplace. Jessica's father is American and her mother is Chinese/Filipino. Her amazing looks have made her an asset within the asian markets.

Having worked in Hong Kong, Singapore, China and Japan for such high profile companies as Cliniqué, L'Oreal, Max Factor (many of which appeared in Marie Claire and CosmoGirl) and now Brilliage Japan through Satoru Japan Inc, she certainly has what can only be described as 'supermodel' status.
She also seems to retain an affiliation to the famous Hong Kong Model One agency.

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Nikki Yan

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